A picture of the bakery case in Pike Place Market, Seattle

Great signs: Sometimes simple truth is the best!

I had the delight of spending a night in Seattle this past weekend, courtesy of “my honey” who whisked me away to our favourite town-away-from home. As we wandered through Pike Place Market, something we always do when we make the trek south, we noticed a great deal of construction going on. Sections of the market were even shuttered up completely!

“Never mind,” we thought, especially once we discovered that the bakery still had a couple of Jeff’s favourite bismarks left. Yum!

(OK, for those of you who know me, they are not GoofyGrub-Safe so I can’t eat them, but I do like to look at them and smell them! I can imagine what they taste like, and my imagination says they are very, very good…)

Then I spotted this sign. I loved it for it’s bold-faced honesty and positive spin. Interesting strategy…

What do you think?

Picture of sign in Seattle's public market that reads, "It's crowded, it's noisy, it's under construction. Isn't it FANTASTIC?"
I love this sign in Seattle's Public Market!